Demonic, Internet app that ‘predicts’ death day, virginity status, future partner – Gbile Akanni

Renowned teacher and leader of Peace House, Gboko, Brother Gbile Akkan has strongly condemned those promoting the social media app that ‘predicts’ peoples future.
He said such was demonic and amounted to divination.
The soft-spoken revered cleric said it was wrong for anyone to allow an app predict his character.
Findings have shown that the app, is gradually gaining popularity online, especially among Nigerian internet users.
Checks on the app show that it has several features that predict one’s death date, cause of one’s death, virginity status as well as future partners.
Reacting to the development, Akanni said it should not be used among Christian folks.
He wrote thus on his Facebook page: “SOCIAL MEDIA DIVINATION —-“I woke up this morning with a residue of revelation in my spirit. God was pointing me to a phenomenon that has been flapping its wings on social media for a protracted while now.
“Namely, the fact that many, including Christians now practice divination and consult mediums on Facebook. Why would a Christian subject himself to a test that reveals the kind of spouse he will have and the kind of children he will have in the future? Why would a Christian allow Facebook to tell him his personality type and Character traits? Indeed this is nothing short of consulting mediums or practicing divination in broad daylight.
“Why would you give social media so much power and credibility as to depend on it for a proper assessment of yourself and the fate that awaits you in the future? Why would you look to the world for your identity?
“May God help us to repent from the practice of social media divination ‎in Jesus name.” # DANGEROUS TRENDS # DISTURBING PROCLIVITIES”

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