Miss Anambra sex-tape: How I got over the trauma – Chidinma Okeke

Former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke, has said it would be almost impossible for her to believe anybody after the incident of her lesbian sex tape.

She additionally described how she managed to scale through that trauma, uncovering that her family was there for her in her most difficult period.

Chidinma came into spotlight after she won the Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant in 2015, and stood out as truly newsworthy couple of months prior after her viral lesbian sex tape was released on the web.

She was ousted towards the end of her queen-ship rule, when an indicated sex tape she had partaken in was discharged and she turned into a subject of overwhelming criticism.

Be that as it may, Chindinma said the torments and injury the episode put her through had been mended and she has kept on fashioning a vocation for herself in the entertainment industry..

In a meeting with Channels TV, the ex-glamorous lady stated, "I could recuperate with God and my family by me. I talked to myself since I know I had so much to give out there.
"I was surrounded with individuals that were urging me to proceed onward with what I needed to do and not abandon my fantasies and I accepted their recommendations. Presently I am a more grounded and better individual."

Chidinma who released a music single titled 'Friends', included that, "The song, "friends" is about friends and it is giving out a message to individuals out there to be cautious of individuals they call friends on the grounds that not every person is glad that you are making it to the top.

"What motivated me to do this song was after the entire drama, the episode was incorporated on friends so I thought to do music about the entire stuff(incident) and that is how friends came about.

"Where I am presently, I carry on with my life and I have really mended however I am as yet having trust issues in any case yet whatever you are experiencing in life simply look on the bright side on the grounds that in each tempest there is dependably trust.

"It is in our stormy periods God mediates and opens entryways for us so never lose trust and never abandon yourself."

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