Makinde Speaks Again “Your Location Does Not Affect Your Growth Nor Determine Your Success In Life”

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for reading my previous post “ Naijaloaded CEO ‘Makinde Azeez’ Has A Word For All Young Hustlers Striving To Become Great”, I so much appreciate your comments.
Sincerely, am inspired to do more as promised in my previous post. May God help me.
In 2018, I will be dishing out more Articles to motivate you all using Real life experiences to explain better.
We all need Motivations to keep us strong at all stages in life.
Today, I will be talking about “ Your Location Does Not Affect Your Growth Nor Determine Your Success In Life”
Where you are based or live does not have anything to do with your Success in Life. Don’t let your thought about where you live or based cage you and indirectly limit your aspirations in life.
I had my University education in
Osogbo, Osun state and sincerely, Osogbo is a pain in the neck. All through the years I spent over there, I see young people like myself yelling and complaining terribly about the state.
Yes, at a point, I felt the same way but since I can’t drop out of School, I was left with no choice than to fall in love with the State and get things moving little by little but luckily it came out well.
With the Poor Internet connection and
Lack of Ginger/Motivation in the State, I must say but I was determined to succeed irregardless.
Many youths only get motivated by
what they see around them but a true hustler will get Motivated from the inside without seeing anything rosy or intimidating around.
Most of us these days tends to get Motivated with what we see around us. The fine houses, dopest rides, lovely mansions and all that.
When you don’t see all this around you, you feel less motivated and and then you finally come to conclusion that you need to move to Lagos and hustle.
Then you think when you see all these around, you will have the Ginger/Zeal/Passion/Motivation/Intimidation to work your Ass out and then things will start falling in place for you As if there is a Magic in Lagos.
The moment you see Lagos or Abroad as the only place where you can Succeed , you are finished.
I stayed in one of the Porschest (Let me use that word) area in Lagos “ Lekki ” but let me tell you one truth today, I made the most of my Money while I was in far far Osogbo and when I came back to Lagos, those I left in Lagos still don’t have a bearing or idea on how to go about their lives.
Your Location does not influence how your Life will be in most cases , your
Mindset and how hungry you are for success does.
It’s even easier these days to connect with anyone with the help of the Internet. So, you can be in far far Nasarawa and be running affairs in Lagos excellently.
Today, am telling you this, Irregardless of the State you are based, tell yourself “ Am going to Succeed from this Bush ”.
There are many people in Osun, Kano, Jigawa, Anambra, Owerri and many other places that live way/far better than those in Lagos.
Stand on your feet, Do your work properly and diligently, even those in Lagos will look up-to you.
There is no where the Lord’s blessings doesn’t reach – keep this at the back of your mind as you all step into 2018.
I wish you all an amazing 2018. No matter how massive your 2017 blessings was, what 2018 will bless you with will make 2017 looks like a Child’s play
With from Makinde and the Entire Naijaloaded Family, We say
Happy New Year to all confirmvibers


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