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28 December 2017

Photo Of The Lecturer In Abia State Polytechnic That Was Killed On Christmas Day

A Young Man got killed hazardously on Christmas day by Abia state truck Iron Carrier, who was loaded with Iron gates along the Aba Owerri road.
According to my investigation, the Young Man who died lately was one of the Abia state polytechnic Lecturers, and he’s generally well-known in the school as Mr Dan Onukogu.
Lecturer Mr Dan Onukogu left home on monday (Christmas day) without his car, because of the fuel deficiency in the country.
So he decided to enter tricycle (Keke Nape), on getting to the place aimed at, he dropped and he was about to pay the “Transport fee”, rapidly an Iron heavy gate’s sharpen edge dropped from the truck passing beside him, filled with Gates, and deeply gashed his throat.
He bleed to death along the Aba Owerri road. May Your Soul Rest In Peace And Keep Your Wife And Children In A Lovely Journey.

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