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8 January 2018

FG asked to enact law that guarantees 5% payment to whistle-blower

Federal Government has been urged to enact law that will guarantee the payment of 5% of total amount recovered through whistle blower. This will build trust and confidence for more whistle blowers to join in the fight against corruption.
The Chairman of Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered), NIM, Cross River State, Mr. Evong Evong said it was high time the Federal government took the policy to the next level by making it a law.
Evong said: “This will boost the confidence of those who want to come out with accurate and useful information to help in the fight against corruption and stem all forms of graft in every sphere of our system.

He said the policy is gradually losing steam and something must be done to regain the trust and confidence of those who are still willing to come out as well as encourage those who have lost confidence due to the IKOYIGATE saga.
Speaking further, he said when the policy becomes law, people will be certain and give their unalloyed support to the noble cause which has in no small way advanced the fight against corruption which is part of this administration agenda.
“If the president can make this happen it would create a lot of good will especially as he plans to contest again and it would be a plus to this administration because it would be on record that they actually marched their words with action.
“Also we will not have the saga like the case of whist blower in the IKOYIGATE come up again because the policy which will now be backed up by law becomes more credible and whist blowers will be paid their 5% without any hassle.
“This will indeed make more people to come and it is a right step in the proper direction of really fighting corruption. Owing to what happened during that period a lot of people lost confidence in the system that they became afraid they might not be paid there 5%.
“The way it looks, it seems the policy is losing steam which is why we are calling on the federal government to as a matter of urgency back it up by law. Our principle remains professionalism and integrity, transparency and we believe in prudent management of funds, so if the Federal Government has a policy to encourage more whistle-blowers they should make it a law.
“It would make many people sit up and many others will also come forward since they know they have a lot to benefit from it and can be paid their money without delays after proper verification,” he said.

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