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8 January 2018

U.S President Donald Trump To Undergo Medical Check After Mental State Claims

US President Donald Trump will undergo mental and physical test on Friday.
Trump, 71, will be examined by the same doctor as his predecessor Barack Obama and a summary of the results will be made public.
The physical test will last around two hours and include blood and urine tests, heart checks and even questions about his sleeping habits and sex life, according to medical experts.
The Telegraph reports that it will be carried out at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on the edge of Washington DC, the country’s largest military hospital.
By undergoing his first formal medical check since entering the White House, Trump hopes to put to bed allegations about his mental state that emerged last week.
A controversial new book by journalist Michael Wolff claimed Trump was failing to recognise old friends and often repeated stories “word-for-word.”
However, Trump cannot be forced to publicize his results.
Arthur Caplan, founding head of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU School of Medicine, said “The president has the same right as any citizen in the United States to keep his medical information private.
“There’s never been legislation requiring that he does otherwise.”
Former president Obama released his medical summary in March 2016.
His exact height (73.5 inches), weight (175 pounds), body mass index (22.8 kg/m2), resting heart rate (56 bpm) and blood pressure (110/68 mm Hg) were all listed.
Obama’s alcohol drinking habits – “occasionally and in moderation” – to his use of nicotine gum and cholesterol levels were spelled out in the official release.

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