It has been announced that G-4 Da Bishop' s upcoming new EP album PERICARDIUM ONUS, arrives March 1st on G4DB MUSIC /NYZ ENTERTAINMENT , The articulated music company.
Order of PERICARDIUM ONUS  include the achieve single "Make my life", "My Life "and a smashed Afro infussion" Mizhi Gbagyiza," , is set to unluck a vibes. " Mizhin Gbagyiza " which hit #1 at Nasarawa top ten at Nasarawa Music votes, in septermber 2017, with a coalition of 9 other songs.
The success of" Mizhin Gbagyiza " benefitted from an intrinsic and innovatively viral 8days reveal compaign and PERICARDIUM ONUS is set to carry everyone to the next level.
PERICARDIUM ONUS is coalatedly produced and mastered by
Master Fox studios (Ukraine),
Mr Franko Studios ( Benin Republic)
Youngpee Studios (Nigeria)
Exclusive producer
Danny E. B
The title of the new album was given following months of critical and solemn deep brainstorming.  The name covers a wide range of societal activities and this is true for the project.
PERICARDIUM ONUS  is a long awaited collection of G -4 Da Bishop musics that will thrill both young, middle age and as well attract the older generation.
G4DB music will lunch an unprecendented local campaign.

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