Miss Precious Ogidi, Face of Idoma 2015 wins Law Suit

Miss Precious Ogidi
Miss Ogidi Precious who represented Apa Local Government in the 2015 Face of Idoma Beauty Pageant and emerged the winner after beating 13 other contestants to claim the star price of a brand new HYUNDAI ACCENT 2015 MODEL and of course crowned as the FACE OF IDOMA in 2015, on the 23rd of September 2016, filed a law suit against the Agila Socio Economic Carnival (sponsors of Face of Idoma Beauty Pageant).
Miss Precious Ogidi
In her law suit, Miss Ogidi stated that the sponsors of Face of Idoma Beauty Pageant had failed to meet up with their own end of the initial deal, which she was supposed to receive a monthly allowance of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50, 000) only. An allowance which she stopped receiving few months after been crowned queen.
Miss Precious in her dismay and disappointed tried severally to reach out to the Sponsors to understand why they had to stop her monthly payment which according to the contract was supposed to go on for 1 year, she was disregarded and at some point they even threatened to collect back the star price of the Car she won.
After several court hearings, the High Court Otukpo, on the 23rd of March, 2018 pronounced Miss Precious Ogidi winner and in her final ruling stated that the Agila Socio Economic Carnival (Sponsors of Face of Idoma Beauty Pageant) are thereby requested to give her the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (Half a million) in compensation for her troubles, also, they are to give her the papers and spare key of her Car.
Agila Carnival is a social and economic event in Agila Town set up to showcase Idoma cultural renaissance. According to the organizers of the Agila Carnival, it is aimed at reviving the interest of its cultural & economic values in a fast globalizing world of science and technology among the youth of the Idoma nation and its descendents. As a result of the thousands of people the carnival attracts from all walks of life, it serves as a boost to the economy of the Idoma land and that of the country at large.
The Face of Idoma beauty pageant is sponsored by the annually held Agila Socio-economic Carnival, aimed at empowering and enriching the culture of Idoma people in Nigeria.

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