Angie Martinez Delivers Meek Mill Update, Reveals Why Friday Will Be A Crucial Day

New York radio veteran Angie Martinez is out here dishing big Meek Mill updates. The hip-hop personality has come forward to speak up on the jailed rapper’s situation after he had another bail request shut down in court this week.

Early Wednesday, Martinez shared footage of herself talking about Meek getting singled out by his judge and having to wait 60 days before having a chance to seek out a bail request.

“I was up at Roc Nation earlier and I spoke to one of the lawyers on Meek’s team. So here’s what happened in court yesterday. They have uncovered that the cop that put Meek away is dirty. He has a dirty record, he’s done foul things, questionable things and the DA that knew it then has got locked up. So they uncovered that. So not only does it question Meek’s original charge, it questions the charge of 82 people who were also put away because of this dirty cop. So what happens was, Meek goes to court, his team, to say not only should he not be in here for these small violations but he should not be here at all because the cop who put him in here is dirty and you guys know it and the DA has agreed to it, the new DA now so he shouldn’t be in here and this whole case should be thrown away.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Martinez also revealed Meek’s why this Friday could become a huge day for Meek supporters.

“The judge said, ‘We’ll have to have a hearing to decide.’ She schedules that for 60 days from now. So he has to wait 60 days so he can go through this again. Now there’s 83 cases that are now up for trying to figure out what’s going on here because of this one cop who put all these people away. So all these people go on Friday. All of the cases, I think 83 in total, 82 of them go sit to this other higher judge. They will go on Friday to see if their cases will get thrown away. Everybody are speculating that a lot of these people are just gonna walk on Friday but not Meek. He’s the only one of the 83 that has to go back to the original same judge in 60 days to review this all over again. So Meek’s team has now put in an emergency motion to go to a higher court to say this is crazy. Even the DA is saying this cop’s dirty. You can’t keep people inside and they only reason they’re there is because of this one cop. There are other things like if they got caught with 20 keys and the cop, then they might still be there. But if they’re only there because of this cop, then we have to look at this. That’s what I got today. So Friday it’ll be interesting to see because all of those other cases go to the judge, the other judge, not Meek’s personal judge. Everybody but Meek goes to another judge to see if they get overturned. Prayers up for Meek.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)
A few days ago, Judge Genece Brinkley shut down prosecutors’ attempt to have her toss out a past conviction during Meek’s hearing.

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