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21 April 2018

Man claims He went to Same Law School as Halima Buhari Who has Failed Bar Exams 3 times

Despite all that has been happening in Nigeria since President Muhammedu Buhary came into power, his failed government and unfulfilled promises, the President recently made a statement in which he referred to Nigerian youths as Lazy.
This statement no doubt has caused a lot of controversies on the media.

A Nigerian in response to this took to his twitter handle to tell the tale of how he (claimed) to have attended the same Law School with PMB's Daughter, Halima Buhari who despite 3 attempts at the Bar Exams was unsuccessful. In his tweet he wrote;

 "Some years ago, I was in Law School with PMB's daughter. I passed My Bar final & she failed! Today, I am a struggling Lawyer who works extremely hard to pay my bills, and HALIMA BUHARI who failed the Bar exams at 3 attempts, now drives the most exotic cars around Abuja and lives in the most cosy and posh houses. So I ask, am I lazy or not privileged?"
Reacting to this post, some showed complete disbelieve in his story saying he's a depressed man trying to blame his failure in life on an innocent lady who he has never even met before. See his tweet and some comments below;

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