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13 May 2018

Cardi B Deletes Her IG Account

New York rapper Azealia Banks might have really pushed Cardi B to the edge. The “Bartier Cardi” hitmaker has appeared to either delete or at least deactivate her Instagram account following their publicized feud.

After a brief feud poured into the weekend, Cardi appeared to call it a wrap for IG.

Cardi B has deactivated her Instagram account after engaging in a back and forth feud with fellow rapper Azealia Banks. Banks, 26, appeared on Power 105. 1’s The Breakfast Club on Friday, May 11, and she explained why she believed that Cardi was an “illiterate untalented rapper” and accused her of behaving like a “caricature of a black woman” during a time that was empowering for African-American women in society, following the release of Beyoncé’s groundbreaking 2016 album Lemonade. (Us Weekly)

Heading into the weekend, Cardi let loose on Azealia for getting checked in a media interview.
In her new “The Breakfast Club” interview, Banks puts Cardi on a lower scale than artists like Beyoncé based off her content and dialect.

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