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28 August 2018

Savage reveals how much she makes from porn movies

Nigerian porn star, Savage Trap Queen, has revealed that she earns between N80,000 to N100,000 per movie.

She also stated that she has made three movies this year.

Savage told BBC Pidgin, “Person way get fine body dey take am do shakara.

“I know say my body fine so I take am do shakara.”

Revealing her earnings from every sex moves and how she started, she said, ”When I first started, I dey use mask because that time I never get liver (meaning I didn’t have the confidence.)

“For this year alone, I don do like three moves, one lesbian shoot (This year alone, I have done like three porn movies and I make between N80, 000 to N100, 000 for one shoot,”)

Surprisingly, Savage said she still enjoys her mother’s love and encouragement.

She added, “My mother still loves even with the way I am. She still shows me motherly encouragement.”

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